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Energy Services & Sustainable Building Design

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C.T. Male has extensive energy consulting experience and takes pride in assisting clients in reducing their energy use, operational costs and carbon footprint. We are skilled at developing high performance building design strategies that include building envelope improvements, advance technology lighting and controls, advanced HVAC systems and controls, alternative and renewable energy systems and process control improvements. C.T. Male can develop a customized energy efficiency and renewable energy solution to fit your needs. Whether it is new building construction, retrofits, monitoring and reporting, or building energy modeling, these solutions will provide long term value by reducing energy consumption, operating costs and improving environment friendliness.

Services provided:

  • Energy Audit/Analysis
  • Building Energy Modeling
  • Energy Master Planning
  • Building Energy Monitoring and Reporting
  • Sustainable/High Performance Building Design
  • Photovoltaic Power-producing System Design

Energy Services represents a broad category of service offerings to assist our clients, ranging from a simple energy audit that identifies specific areas of improvement, to highly sophisticated high performance building design strategies utilizing computer simulation modeling.

To see the performance of the photovoltaic power-producing system used at C.T. Male Associates please click here and sign in using login: and password: ctmsolar.