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C.T. Male Associates: 100 Years Of Engineering & Architecture

C.T. Male Associates Engineering, Surveying, Architecture & Landscape Architecture, D.P.C. began in 1910 as a consulting engineering firm run by Charles Charles T. Male Founder of C.T. Male Associates in Latham NYMale. A man whose personal interests and talents included music, mathematics, engineering, politics, teaching and community service, Male served as a sanitation engineer in the Panama Canal Zone, a New York State Assemblyman, a Niskayuna Highway Superintendent and a Professor of Mathematics at Union College during his esteemed career. Reflecting the character of the multi-talented Charles Male, C.T. Male Associates has grown into a firm with a wide variety of capabilities offering a wide variety of services in the past 100 years.

Though Male began working independently in 1910, offering high-quality engineering and surveying services to his clients, his firm expanded over the course of the next 40 years. His sons, Tom, Bill and Ken, became part of his team and in 1950, Male’s son Ken and his top professionals incorporated Male’s firm as C.T. Male Associates Engineering, Surveying, Architecture & Landscape Architecture, D.P.C. The firm continued to grow, broadening the scope of its engineering and surveying operations. By the mid-1970s, C.T. Male had expanded its services to include land planning, landscape architecture, geodetic surveys, construction management and environmental services.

Though most of the firm’s early work was focused land development/subdivision, C.T. Male gradually broadened its capabilities to include engineering. The range of services the firm has to offer has been continually growing ever since. While the mathematics of engineering has not changed since the building of the pyramids, the equipment and surveying tools available have evolved dramatically to include our present technologically-advanced tools, including satellite imagery, robotic data collectors and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Throughout the years, C.T. Male has diligently kept their surveying and engineering staff equipped with the best and most updated equipment. We are proud to have grown from a consulting engineering firm with two full-time employees working out of a single room to a renowned engineering, surveying and architecture firm with approximately 135 full-time employees working in offices throughout New York State. Headquartered in Latham NY, just north of Albany NY, C.T. Male also has offices located in Glens Falls, Johnstown, Syracuse, Red Hook and Highland.

The many talented employees who have worked with us over the years have cemented the growth and reputation of our firm. We pride ourselves on involving professionally qualified and competent employees in the management and ownership of the firm, as is evidenced by the credentials of our Board of Directors and Shareholders.

To learn more about how C.T. Male can assist you in meeting your needs, please complete our contact form or give us a call at 518-786-7400.

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