Boundary Surveys for Residential & Commercial New York State Properties

From residential homes to 25,000+ acre properties, as land surveyors for the past 110 years, C.T. Male can conduct any size boundary survey for customers in NY and beyond. Below, learn more about our boundary surveys and why you need one before ownership of land is transferred.

What is a Boundary Survey?

Boundary surveys are used to properly identify the boundary lines of a property. Through researching historic and municipal records and physically exploring a property, land surveyors will mark the corners of your property and produce a detailed map showing property corners and permanent structures and improvements on the property, if requested.

For commercial properties, ALTA / ACSM land title boundary surveys are sometimes required. These surveys are similar to boundary surveys except they follow specific standards designed by the American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors and include the location of property corners, permanent structures, improvements and easements.

Benefits of ALTA Surveys

When you’re making a sizeable investment like purchasing a piece of property, it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying. An ALTA Survey can give you the peace of mind (and may be required by Lenders and/or Title Companies) by detailing:

lot dimensions
fence lines
easements for utilities
rights of way
property improvements
potential encroachments
Irregularities, etc.

In some cases, boundary or ALTA surveys are required in order to receive permits and start construction.

A boundary survey should always be performed before a property is officially purchased in order to avoid future problems like: boundary disputes with neighbors, a building or improvement over the property line, the halting of construction, and potential lawsuits.

Boundary surveys can only be completed by licensed land surveyors under New York State Law. If a boundary dispute arises, your boundary survey acts as an official document and your land surveyor can act as an expert witness in court should a lawsuit arise.

C.T. Male Associates Boundary Surveys

For over 100 years, C.T. Male Associates has provided land surveying services to residential and commercial clients throughout Upstate New York including Syracuse, Albany, Glens Falls, Latham, Red Hook, Johnstown, Poughkeepsie and more. Learn more about the land surveying services we provide like High Definition LiDAR Laser Scanning and Ariel Drone Surveying Services and Underground Utility Location Services or visit our land surveying project portfolios to browse some of our past projects, including several that highlight our experience with boundary surveys such as:

Luther Forest Technology Campus Boundary Survey
State University of New York at Delhi Boundary & Topographic Survey

Contact our land surveyors today to learn more about our boundary surveys and receive a quote by calling 518-786-7400 or by filling out the contact form below.


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