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GIS Day – Discovering the World Through GIS

November 18, 2015 marks GIS Day. Across the globe, the geospatial industry is saluted on this special day. GIS Day is an international event that showcases the work of professionals who work with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. The main goals of GIS Day are to help people recognize, discover and explore the many benefits of GIS, showcase the many uses of GIS and demonstrate real world applications of GIS making a difference in our society. In 1854, Dr. John…

How can a Geographic Information System (GIS) Work For You?

A Geographic Information System, or GIS, is a versatile and powerful tool that stores information about the world as layers of data linked together by location and geography. GIS has become an essential planning and decision-support tool in a world of rapidly expanding geospatial (the geographic location and characteristics of features and boundaries on, above, or below the earth’s surface) capabilities. A GIS is a computerized database management system for the capture, storage, retrieval, analysis…