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Meet Chad Kortz, Regional Office Manager of C.T. Male’s Johnstown, NY Office

A “typical” day at C.T. Male can find Regional Office Manager Chad Kortz performing numerous tasks. These tasks include: overseeing the Johnstown office, attending phone conferences with clients, traveling to site visits, participating in project proposal meetings with clients, coordinating with staff on current and upcoming projects, meeting with potential clients, and more.  C.T. Male caters to a vast array of clients from residential to commercial, industrial, municipal, and state & federal government sectors. Chad has nearly 20 years’ experience in civil engineering, starting with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from SUNY Buffalo. His role at C.T. Male primarily focuses on public sector and municipal engineering projects.

Mr. Kortz first joined C.T. Male as an intern. Shortly after, Chad gained full time work within the company as a Junior Engineer and Construction Observer. In addition to his roles at C.T. Male, Chad spent time as the City Engineer, Public Works Superintendent, and Water Superintendent for the City of Johnstown from 2006 to 2011. Kortz believes the experience he gained within these roles greatly helps in his current position as Regional Office Manager.

When asked what makes C.T. Male different from other engineering, surveying, and architecture firms, Chad firmly believes the employees make the biggest difference. Every employee is extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise and passionate about their job.  The company structure really encourages employees to put client’s needs first. The result of this is numerous longstanding clients and a reputation for being a trustworthy and reputable engineering consulting firm.

One of Mr. Kortz favorite projects was for C.G. Roxane, a water bottling company. The company wanted to build a water bottling plant in Johnstown, NY to utilize existing spring sources from the Village of Canajoharie watershed.  Due to the project’s nature, there was a lot of coordination and collaboration involved between the Village of Canajoharie and the private bottling company. The area did not have a lot of industrial development at the time, so there was also a lot of effort put into the permitting process to ensure the new construction met all local and state regulations. Also unique to the project, was that a new road had to be built to the facility. Once built, the road was turned over to the Town of Johnstown. The end result of the project was a successful bottling plant that has had a positive impact on the local community. The project wound up providing local residents with new jobs, the Village of Canajoharie with revenue from the water sources, and gave the town an economic boost during the construction phase of the project.

Helping people has been a driving force throughout Mr. Kortz’s civil engineering career. According to Chad, “One of the reasons I became a civil engineer is because it is really quality of life engineering and I do like the interaction with other folks and trying to improve the quality of life for people.” If you have an upcoming engineering project, contact C.T. Male Associates. We conveniently offer all land surveying, architectural engineering, energy & environmental services under one roof. Contact one of our experienced and passionate engineers today at 518-786-7400 or by completing the form below.


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