Don’t Miss Out! Funding Now Available to Tackle Emerging Contaminants

Governor Cuomo just announced $200 million dollars in grant funding to help communities address emerging contaminants in their drinking water supplies, prioritizing PFOA, PFOS, and 1,4 dioxane. From that $200 million, $15 million was awarded up front to communities already pursuing system upgrades and innovative pilot technologies to treat emerging contaminants; $185 million is still available for communities across New York State.

Apply for Project Capital & Planning Grants

These funds primarily consist of project capital grants and project planning grants. Under the capital component, grants fund up to 60 percent of a project’s costs up to $3 million or 40 percent of a project’s costs up to $10 million. Only municipalities that have already completed an Engineering Report along with SEQR and SHPO, and a Smart Growth Form, will be eligible for these funds. If your Engineering Report is already complete, it is not too late to apply. Applications for project capital funding are due January 11, 2019.

Municipalities that have not yet completed an Engineering Report will not have time to apply for the capital grants but may still qualify for the planning grants. $30,000 in planning grant funds are available for communities under 50,000 residents and usage for these funds is relatively flexible as long as the engineering study relates to remediation of emerging contaminants. Applications for planning grants are due December 14, 2018.

C.T. Male Associates is Ready to Help!

C.T. Male Associates is uniquely qualified to assist you in applying for planning grants because our team of experts have been handling PFAS field testing and remediation planning since 2014. C.T. Male Associates’ extensive investigative work includes drinking water, surface water, groundwater, and soil sampling, allowing us to best develop investigative scopes for your potential project. C.T. Male Associates has the resources and knowledge to assist with grant applications, perform sampling, complete risk assessment and prepare the necessary Emergency Response Plans. Time is of the essence; if you’re ready to act, we’re ready to help. For more information or to get started, contact Jim Thatcher, Manager, Community Development at 518.832.6746 or