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Interview with Jonathan Dippert – Project Geologist and Field Services Supervisor at C.T. Male Associates

Jonathan Dippert - C.T. Male Associates

Jonathan Dippert has recently been promoted.  In addition to his role as Project Geologist, he will also be the Field Services Supervisor. A University of Connecticut graduate with a degree in Geology and Geophysics, Dippert brings technical know-how and his personal love of the outdoors to his work on environmental projects.

To learn more, we recently talked with Dippert about his background, his goals in his new role, and the challenges of large-scale remediation projects.

Tell us about your role at C.T. Male Associates.

JONATHAN DIPPERT: I am a geologist with the position of Field Services Supervisor. In addition to typical project coordination and sampling tasks, I am tasked with training standard operating procedures for sampling techniques to new staff, keeping current with changing technologies and ensuring the quality and integrity of field work.

What is your educational background?

JD: I graduated from the University of Connecticut, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in geology and geophysics.

What made you choose this field?

JD: I have always enjoyed working outside, and took an interest in earth sciences early in my education.

What do you enjoy about working at C.T. Male Associates?

JD: I enjoy working for a local firm with a great reputation, and having trust in co-workers to produce great product and results.

We’ve been told you are overseeing several field staff working on a large, multi-state project involving PFOAs. We know the details are confidential, but please tell us about the challenges involved in working with an emerging contaminant and coordinating such a large effort.

JD: One of the challenges is PFAS compounds were used in everyday items and still are, to some degree. Some equipment typically used to collect environmental samples and/or data contain PFAS compounds. We have to modify the method of sample collection, or our equipment, to make certain our method does not introduce contamination.

We also hear this is your first time supervising staff. How has that experience been?

JD: It has been a great experience to grow my career and to be able to share my knowledge with new employees as well as learn from them. C.T. Male Associates has had the opportunity to grow recently, bringing in talented people and new, fresh ideas.

Are there any other specific projects/results you’d like to highlight?

JD: I have had the pleasure of working on several brownfield cleanup sites, specifically 33 Ashburton and 188 Warburton in Yonkers, and 312 Broadway in Schenectady, where I was the lead site representative and the sites received certificates of completion. The sites in Yonkers were remediated during the construction of low-income and senior housing. And 312 Broadway was a PCB-contaminated site under EPA cleanup guidance, where we used a new PCB field screening method to determine if the cleanup objective was reached and verified with analytical samples, collecting over 1,000 confirmation samples in a couple of months.

What are you hoping to achieve this year?

JD: I applied for the New York State Professional Geology Licensure based on my years of experience and hope to hear soon that my application has been approved.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

JD: I enjoy skiing, hiking and running in charity 5k races.

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