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Interested in Brownfield Redevelopment and how it can help your community? Then come and hear our team present at the upcoming New York State Association of Towns

First introduced at the 2014 Association of Towns, the “Fear of the Unknown is NO Excuse” presentation offered a panel discussion describing how the Town of Fort Edward, NY partnered with C.T. Male Associates formulating a team approach to a Brownfield redevelopment project; the former Grand Union Plaza Shopping Center. This year’s follow up presentation is designed to inform municipal leaders about the possibilities that Brownfield redevelopment offers their communities.  We will spotlight the team approach, describe the tools available to assist, and explain why some programs are more effective by demonstrating the progress made on the project to date.

The team consists of:

Darlene DeVoe, Project Manager and Grant Coordinator, Town of Fort Edward, NY

Kirk Moline, CEI, CES, Managing Geologist, C.T. Male Associates

James Thatcher, Manager, Community Development, C.T. Male Associates

Phillip Clappin, Project Officer, USEPA

Gary S. Bowitch, Environmental Attorney, Bowitch & Coffey, LLC

So please come and join us on Monday, February 16th at 3:00 PM in Sutton Parlor South.  If you would like more information about this presentation or have any questions please contact Joe Hyland at 518-786-7415 or