Safe Drinking Water: C.T. Male Associates Provides Engineering, Design, and Funding Project Management Services for Complex Water Infrastructure Projects

One of the most important resources for a community is its drinking water. Safe water, with adequate supply, treatment capacity, and a sound distribution system will protect the health of existing residents and promote the community for new growth that needs potable water to expand housing options and create jobs. But often the components of a municipal water system become outdated, costly to maintain, and dysfunctional, forcing communities to sharply raise water rents, borrow significant amounts of debt, or implement short-term band-aid fixes that fail to improve the overall infrastructure.

C.T. Male Associates provides comprehensive engineering, design, and funding project management services for complex water infrastructure projects, including all phases of project planning, grant and loan applications and administration, design and technical review, engineering, bid specifications and permits, and construction observation.

In the Village of Fort Edward (Washington County), C.T. Male Associates helped the Village and the Washington County Sewer District secure $1.2 Million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to replace nearly 1,400 feet of broken clay tile sewer lines and separate cast iron water mains in a dense neighborhood adjacent to an active paper mill within the community’s downtown. The Project, representing the fourth phase of the Village’s Safe Water Improvement Program devised by C.T. Male Associates to create a manageable plan for comprehensive water line work, also included street and sidewalk restoration, separated storm-water facilities, and related neighborhood improvements funded simultaneously by the Village.

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