11 North Pearl Street Building Electrical Projects

North Pearl Street Building Electrical Project

Albany, NY

11 North Pearl Street, Albany, NY, by the owner’s description, is the tallest privately owned building in the downtown Albany NY area. Most of the work being initiated at the site was driven by the owner’s plans to develop the building into a fiber optic hotel. The building’s service was last upgraded in the 1970s, and could not support the proposed loads of 50 watts per square foot. Multiple projects were initiated to meet the new electrical demand, including:

  • Removal of a freight elevator and conversion to an electrical distribution shaft way extending from the basement to the 20th floor. Two 4000-ampere normal busses and one 4000-ampere standby power bus were installed, along with provisions for bus taps.
  • Upgrading the existing 208Y/120 V, 2000-ampere electrical service to 480Y/277 V, 8000-ampere service. Three 2.5 MVA utility transformers were installed under the sidewalk, configured to the utilities’ 34.5 kV network service and 480V collector bus. Installing the new switchgear, 480-volt busways, main distribution panelboards transformers and connection to the existing switchgear.
  • On the roof, a standby generator plant consisting of a steel platform to support three 800-kW and one 1000-kW generators with sub-base fuel tanks and paralleling switchgear. Support systems related to the generators include a new fuel delivery system and reactivation of an existing 10,000-gallon fuel storage tank located in the basement.

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