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Air Dispersion Modeling

Air Dispersion Modeling

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C.T. Male Associates Environmental Services staff has routinely completed Air Dispersion Modeling for industrial and commercial facilities for more than 15 years.  For modeling purposes, proposed projects in New York State have historically been modeled using the NYSDEC “DAR-1” (previously known as Air Guide-1) modeling software, however, C.T. Male Associates continues to be at the forefront of technology and utilizes the AMS/EPA Regulatory Model, which is known as AERMOD.  AERMOD is used extensively by Environmental Professionals worldwide to assess pollution concentration and deposition from a wide variety of sources.

Modeling is completed using actual facility data, including buildings, stacks, property lines and fence lines, as well as operating parameters of emission sources, and known emission rates to calculate concentrations of pollutants over desired monitoring periods (such as hourly and annual periods).  Meteorological data from the National Weather Service and area topography (generally from the USGS) are also used in the modeling to account for the actual conditions in the vicinity of the project area.  These results are then compared against published EPA values (known as National Ambient Air Quality Standards) or State issued guidance values (such as NYSDEC issued short term and annual guidance concentrations also known as SGC and AGC, respectively).

Upon completion of the air dispersion modeling, a summary report is generated, including the model inputs and results (in either tabular or graphical form).  These reports often times serve as a basis for demonstrating that a particular project is not expected to have a significant adverse impact with respect to EPA or State issued regulatory or guidance values.

C.T. Male Associates has performed Air Dispersion Modeling for a wide variety of projects and clients using NYSDEC’s DAR-1 Software (previously Air Guide-1) and USEPA’s AERMOD Software to help in demonstrating that a project or facility would not be expected to have a significant adverse impact.

C.T. Male Associates maintains a contractual relationship with Lakes Environmental Software of Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) to provide the most recent updates to the AERMOD software and its associated programs (as approved periodically by EPA).

In April 2013, C.T. Male Associates personnel atwo-day a two day AERMOD training session in Las Vegas, NV along with approximately 20 Local, State and International Air Dispersion Modeling experts and regulators.

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