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City of Cohoes Fire Department

City of Cohoes Fire Department
City of Cohoes Fire Department
City of Cohoes Fire Department
City of Cohoes Fire Department

Cohoes, New York

The City of Cohoes, located less than 8 miles from the C.T. Male Associates Headquarters in Latham NY, had shut down the previous sub-station and needed a new facility to serve residents located on Simmons Island and the eastern portion of the city.  To accomplish this, C.T. Male Associates’ team of Architects and Engineers provided the design for a new two-bay sub-station utilizing a pre-engineered timber column structure as manufactured by Morton Buildings, Inc.

This new facility was constructed as an addition to an existing one-story frame structure, which the City purchased for use as an administrative office and bunk room for the paid firefighters. The construction of the new facility was designed to maximize the life-cycle cost performance of the building.  It includes economical features, such as:

  • A kynar-coated hi-rib steel siding panels
  • Fiberglass thermal-glazed windows
  • Masonry veneer wainscot to protect the perimeter
  • An acoustical hi-rib interior liner at the apparatus bay with full blanket fiberglass insulation at the wall and ceiling cavities

These new economical features mentioned will help to exceed the minimum energy code performance requirements by almost 20 percent.

The new Island Station offers two modern and efficient apparatus bays for equipment and personnel, providing an effective base of operations for the fire department. The station is equipped to serve and protect the public for the next 50 years. It can readily accommodate newer fire apparatus sizes and changing types of services, and meets current OSHA & NFPA rules and regulations regarding firefighter health and safety.

For more information about our architectural services, inquiries about this project or any of our other architectural projects, please give us a call today at (518) 786-7400 or contact us via our contact form.