Clifton Park Ice Arena – Energy Study

Clifton Park Ice Arena
Clifton Park Ice Arena
Clifton Park Ice Arena
Clifton Park Ice Arena

Clifton Park, New York

The Clifton Park Ice Arena, is located just 20 minutes north of the C.T. Male Associates Headquarters in Latham NY. The ice arena is made up of two separate NHL regulation-sized rinks. The entire facility is approximately 70,000 sq. ft with the older rink being roughly 34,000 sq ft and the newer rink, which includes the lobby area making up the remaining 36,000 sq ft. The original building was constructed in 1989 and the newer section around 2002. The original ice rink equipment operates for approximately 16 hrs/day starting in October to mid-April. This rink is used as a camp during the summer months and no ice is made.

Energy efficiency measures in the original rink identified and evaluated by C.T. Male Associates included:

  • Replace existing chiller with a higher efficiency unit that uses a more environmentally friendly refrigerant (R-134A).
  • Install lower wattage 28 watt T8 lamps with new lenses and reflector kits to replace T12 and T8 linear fluorescent fixtures.
  • Replace 400 Watt metal halide (MH) fixtures with high output T8 or LED fixtures.
  • Replace existing transformers with higher efficiency units.

As a result of this energy study, C.T. Male Associates estimated the following energy, environmental and dollar savings.

  • Electricity Savings:              130,032 kWh /Year
  • Demand Savings:                63.92 kW/Month
  • CO2 Savings:                       298,062 lb/Year
  • Annual Cost Savings:          $16,374
  • Project Cost1:                      $144,549
  • Simple Payback:                 8.83 Years

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