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In 2017, the Elsmere Fire District initiated plans for the construction of the 4,608 sf South Station on Feura Bush Road at Wemple Road to provide service to residents of the Glenmont area on a par with the service it provides to the residents of the Fire District residing north of the Delmar Bypass.  On December 12, 2017 voters in the Elsmere Fire District approved Proposition 1 which authorized the District to construct the proposed South Station.

Site Planning and Design

C.T. Male Associates assisted the Fire District with both the ZBA Public Hearing and Site Plan Review by the Town of Bethlehem Planning Board.  After several meetings and public discussions with the Planning Board, site plan approval was granted by the Planning Board on July 3, 2018.  The Board of Fire Commissioners subsequently received bids and awarded contracts based upon the architectural design prepared by C.T. Male Associates.

The new one-story structure, which has been constructed utilizing an energy efficient pre-engineered timber column structure, has been designed to accommodate the fire service needs of the Fire District and to compliment the bucolic nature of the area with suitable layout, colors, construction materials and decorative architectural features consistent with the locale, as requested by the Board of Fire Commissioners.

Meeting & Exceeding Code Compliance

The final design provided the Fire District with an energy efficient building envelope that not only meets the current requirements of the Energy Code but is actually over 30% better than the code requires.  In addition, the structure has been designed to meet the requirements for an essential facility, which are defined in the Building Code as Buildings and other structures that are intended to remain operational in the event of extreme environmental loading from flood, wind, snow or earthquakes.

The interior acoustical steel liner at the apparatus bays has the lower 8-feet covered with a continuous FRP wall liner for vehicle washing, providing a low maintenance and abuse resistance finish. The design of the new South Station provides the Elsmere Fire District with flexible, efficient and cost-effective to meet the needs of the community now and into the future.

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