Montgomery County Public Safety Facility Expansion

In conjunction with the County’s 2014 NY Rising Countywide Resiliency Plan, following flooding from severe storms in 2013, C.T. Male Associates is worked with the Department of Public Works to consolidate and centralize various County departments and services into renovated and new space at the Public Safety Facility, which is located out of the floodplain.  This phased project will significantly increase efficiency and eliminate disruption to County operations during and after flooding events.

The original design of the Public Safety Facility anticipated various additions to accommodate the needs of various departments, which were not implemented when the building was originally constructed in 1995.  The first phase included a one-story, 10,690 square foot addition to the existing Sheriff’s Department and County Jail, which incorporated an Emergency Operations Center for the relocation of the Emergency Management Department, as well as spaces for the Probation and Public Defender departments.

The Emergency Operations Center involved the design of an essential facility, which is defined by the Codes of New York State as a building intended to remain operational in the event of extreme environmental loading from flood, wind, snow or earthquakes. The Emergency Management Department is designed to accommodate the day-to-day responsibilities for developing and implementing emergency management programs and activities, and coordinating all aspects of the county’s mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.

A large part of the program also involves the Probation Department, which is a State mandated agency of County government that works directly with local City, Town and Village Criminal Courts, the County Court, and the County Family Court in the preparation of pre-plea, pre-sentence, and pre-dispositional reports.  The design includes provisions for supervision of adult offenders, juvenile delinquents, and persons in need of supervision as a crime deterrent to the offender and as a means to foster law abiding and compliant behavior.  The Public Defender’s Office represents indigent individuals throughout the County in both local and criminal courts, as well as, County Court, Parole, Drug Court, Family Court, Integrated Domestic Violence Court and Family Treatment Court.

C.T. Male Associates worked with the Montgomery County Department of Public Works to provide an effective design solution that will meet the County’s needs for an essential facility now and well into the future.

For additional information on this project, please see articles in TWC News and the Daily Gazette.

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Montgomery County Department of Public Works Fonda, New York


Eric M. Mead
Commissioner of Public Works


Completed 2017