New Printing Press Installation – The Daily Gazette

Schenectady, New York

C.T. Male Associates provided structural and electrical engineering services to The Daily Gazette for the design of necessary modifications to allow for the installation of a new printing press to their Maxon Road facility in Schenectady. The new press was installed within an existing paper storage building adjacent to the existing press, which was going to remain in service.

The project required a portion of the existing concrete floor slab to be removed in order to install the new press foundation, which was designed to strict tolerances as required by the press manufacturer. Additionally, one section of the printing press was taller than the available clear height in the building which required portions of existing roof framing to be modified to allow for its installation.

C.T. Male Associates designed new lighting for the portion of the building in which the new press was located. In addition, design for electrical power distribution service to the new press was provided, which included an interlock to allow The Daily Gazette to operate either the new press or the existing press.  Technical support services were also provided to assist The Daily Gazette and their contractor during construction of the building modifications.

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