Replacement of RAS and WAS Pumps for North and South Wastewater Treatment Plant

Albany County Sewer District waste treatment pump
Albany County Sewer District RAS replacement pump

Albany County Sewer District, Albany, New York

The Albany County Sewer District (ACSD) owns and operates two 24 MGD wastewater treatment plants designated the North Plant in Menands, NY, and the other called the South Plant located at the Port of Albany. The District has a total of ten Return Activated Sludge (RAS) and six Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) pumps between both sites.

The project included the evaluation of existing steel piping and fittings for the RAS and WAS pipelines at both plants utilizing ultrasonic equipment to evaluate the thickness of steel to determine if portions of the pipelines need to be replaced. This project also included the design and replacement of the RAS and WAS pumps in both the North and South Plants and the replacement of intake and discharge plug valves, check valves, associated piping and mag meters.

In addition, the project included upgrading control equipment, and installation of new variable frequency drives (VFD) to allow the pumps to adjust speed in accordance with influent flow. The VFD will allow ACSD to save substantial costs in energy by adjusting pumping effort to the targeted flow. Potential energy savings are expected in the range of $28,000 per year.

C.T. Male Associates’ scope of work included preliminary engineering, basis of design report, design, bid, construction administration, and construction observation services.

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