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C.T. Male Associates Headquarters - Solar Panels
C.T. Male Associates Headquarters - Solar Panels
C.T. Male Associates Headquarters - Solar Panels

Latham, New York

As part of an ongoing effort to become more environmentally-friendly and less dependent on non-renewable energy sources, C.T. Male Associates recently installed a photovoltaic power-producing system on the roof of our corporate headquarters at 50 Century Hill Drive in Latham, NY.  This system consists of 238 solar panels mounted on a ballasted support system that does not penetrate the roof membrane or void the roof warranty.

Using only the energy provided by the sun, this array of solar panels is capable of producing more than 50 kW of DC power, which will reduce the amount of electric power we purchase from the public utility, and will result in an estimated savings of more than 11 percent on our utility bills for the next 20 years.

This photovoltaic system was installed at no initial cost to us under a Power Purchase Agreement with New York Light Energy (NYLE) of Latham, NY. Under this Power Purchase Agreement, NYLE designs, installs, and maintains the system at no cost to us for the length of the agreement.  In turn, we purchase the power produced by this system from NYLE at a rate that is lower than the current rate paid to the public utility.

In addition to the system recently installed on the roof of our building, C.T. Male Associates has worked with NYLE on the design and installation of many photovoltaic systems for private/commercial clients throughout the Greater Capital District Area.  Working for NYLE, we provide drawings that show the location of the solar panels on the roof of the building, and electrical design and drawings that show how the solar panels and other components of the system are connected to each other and to the existing electrical service within the building.  Structural evaluations of each building are conducted to determine if the roof structure can support the weight of the system and a post installation site visit is completed to ensure that the system is installed in accordance with the approved documents.

C.T. Male Associates has also provided design and construction support services for the installation of photovoltaic systems for several public/municipal clients, which are subject to public bidding requirements.  For these projects, our clients have chosen to purchase and own the photovoltaic systems rather than utilize a Power Purchase Agreement.

If you would like to see the performance of the photovoltaic power-producing system used at C.T. Male Associates please click here and sign in using login: and password: ctmsolar.

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