SUNY Albany 500 Bed Residence Hall Sanitary Sewer Design

SUNY ALBANY- 500 Bed Residence Hall Sanitary Sewer Design

Albany, New York

For this civil engineering project, C.T. Male Associates was responsible for feasibility studies, survey and design to provide sanitary sewer service to a new 500 bed residence hall within the southeast quadrant of the SUNY Albany campus.

Initially, three possible options existed for discharge of sanitary sewage: City of Albany south, City of Albany north and the Town of Guilderland via the Western Avenue collection system.  Upon technical review and cost comparison of each option, the Town of Guilderland connection was selected.

The town connection option consisted of approximately 2500 LF of 8” gravity sewer, of which 1000 LF traversed through SUNY Albany athletic fields.  As a result, a detailed plan and field restoration specification was provided.  The design specs, and cost estimates were contracted in April 2011.

Another significant role that C.T. Male Associates took part in during this project was to conduct a downstream sewer capacity analysis within the town’s collection system.  Several sections were deemed to be substandard in terms of handling combined SUNY and existing peak hour flows.  As a result, recommendations were presented for upgrading the town’s system as were cost estimates.  The town and SUNY are working in tandem to provide funding and mitigation plan to address the capacity issues.

C.T. Male Associates provided construction phase services and submittal review for the sewer installation in conjunction with DASNY field staff.

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