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SUNY Canton – Campus Wide Electrical Utility Assessment

SUNY Canton Campus Wide Electrical Utility Assessment

Canton, New York

C.T. Male Associates was responsible for the completion of a comprehensive utility systems assessment at the Campus.  Utility systems analyzed include electric, water, sanitary and storm sewers, natural gas system, communication and fuel storage.  The work scope involved condition and capacity assessments of these key utilities along with providing recommendations for repair, replacement, and upgrades needed for future planned campus growth consistent with the Facility Master Plan (FMP) initiatives.

Highlighted work included; short circuit, protective device and arc flash study for proposed campus electrical service replacement, 22.9 kV and 4160 V normal power systems, 2500 kVA of parallel generation, generator protection, GE Multilin 350 & 489 relays, generator/bus/transformer differential protection, CT saturation calculations, short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, equipment evaluation, device settings, arc flash evaluation, and one-line drawings.

Further work included analysis of site lighting systems for compliance with SUCF requirements, photometric site plans, and recommendations for improvements.

The project is in progress with Campus and SUCF currently reviewing the Assessment Reports and Survey Mapping.  Recommendation and cost estimates will follow the assessments along with the completion of an Implementation Plan that Campus can utilize for planning and budgeting of priority projects.