Town Designated Engineering Services for Beech-Nut Manufacturing & Headquarters Facility

Town of Florida, New York

The Town of Florida (Town) contracted with C.T. Male Associates to be its Town Designated Engineer (TDE) for the proposed Beech-Nut Manufacturing and Headquarters Relocation project.  The project is located on a 141-acre parcel within the existing Florida Business Park.  The $125 – $130 million proposed development is a new 580,000 SF (13-acres) state-of-the-art baby food manufacturing facility, including 70,000 SF of office space, that will serve as the corporate headquarters for Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation.  The progress of this high-profile project continues to be documented in regional news media.  The Beech-Nut facility is currently under construction and is anticipated to be operational by year end 2009.

As the Town of Florida’s TDE, C.T. Male Associates’ broad range of professional resources provided the seamless technical support that guided the Town through the full process of materializing this large-scale development in a small rural community.

C.T. Male Associates provided technical support to the Town Panning Board as Lead Agency through the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) process.  The Town Planning Board reviewed a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that was prepared to supplement an existing EIS that had been previously prepared for the Florida Business Park.  The EIS addressed mitigation of substantial environmental impacts that included wetland impacts, upgrades to municipal water and sewer systems, traffic impacts, visual impacts to residential property owners located adjacent to the project, noise and odor impacts.  The SEQRA process was closed in April 2008.

On behalf of the Town Planning Board, C.T. Male Associates conducted multiple technical reviews of the Site Plan application documents for conformance with the Town’s Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.  To keep pace with the project’s design schedule, the technical reviews were conducted concurrently with the SEQRA review such that the Town Planning Board was prepared to render final decisions on the Site Plan application immediately following the SEQRA determination.   Final Site Plans and Subdivision Plans were approved in May 2008.

Our architects and building systems engineers (e.g., structural, mechanical and electrical) conducted technical reviews of the building permit application package for compliance with applicable building, fire and electrical codes.   When appropriate, C.T. Male Associates has recommended to the Town Code Enforcement Officer which particular segments of the Building Permit may be issued for the phased construction of the facility. Check out what the Town of Florida had to say about our services here:   Town Florida Recommendation