Gloversville Waterworks – Water Treatment Plant Architectural Rehabilitation

Water Treatment Plant Architectural Rehabilitation before and after
Water Treatment Project Entrance

Gloversville, NY

The Gloversville Water Treatment Plant, originally constructed in 1939, is a two-story red brick and precast concrete building designed in a utilitarian version of the Art Deco architectural style. Over the course of nearly 80 years the exterior of the facility had gradually deteriorated to the point where decorative precast paneling had been damaged or eroded to an unsafe level, brick masonry had begun to crumble and joints delaminated. Additionally, the condition of select interior spaces showed signs of deteriorated finishes, and damage to sub-surfaces.

Upon the request of Gloversville Waterworks, Board of Water Commissioners, C.T. Male Associates conducted an evaluation and reporting of the existing conditions of the facility. The intent of the Facility Support Services Report was to assess and evaluate the condition of and cost of addressing the facilities deficiencies.

Based on the report findings and further recommendations made by C.T. Male Associates, Gloversville Waterworks approved Design, Bid and Construction Administration services to address the facilities deficiencies, including:

  • Brick masonry repointing.
  • Brick masonry rebuilding.
  • Precast Concrete restoration and replacement.
  • Roof Replacement
  • Exterior door replacement
  • Exterior overhead door replacement
  • Interior bathroom renovation
  • Repairs to entrance area ceiling and walls

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