Geotechnical Engineering Services in Albany and Beyond

Geotechnical engineering is concerned with the engineering properties of earth materials.  Geotechnical engineers investigate the soil and bedrock below a site to determine their engineering properties and how they will interact with the proposed construction.

Geotechnical Engineering Process

Step 1: Geotechnical Investigation

Foundation work overseen by C.T. Male Associates Geotechnical Engineers.C.T. Male Associates’ geotechnical engineers generally perform a geotechnical investigation to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock underlying (and sometimes adjacent to) a site in order to design earthworks and foundations for proposed structures. We also conduct geotechnical investigations in order to repair distressed earthworks and structures caused by subsurface conditions.

A geotechnical investigation will include surface and subsurface exploration of a site.  Subsurface exploration usually involves soil sampling and laboratory testing of the soil samples retrieved. Our Geotechnical engineers also assess the risk to humans, property and the environment from natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, soil liquefaction, debris flows, and rock falls (all involving natural materials).

Step 2: Foundation Design

Based on the information learned in the geotechnical investigation, our engineers then design foundations for such structures as high-rise buildings, bridges, and medium to large commercial buildings. We also work on smaller structures where the soil conditions do not allow code-based design.  The foundations built for above-ground structures typically include shallow foundations (footings), deep foundations (driven piles and drilled piers), and retaining walls. Our Geotechnical engineers also design structures built in or of soil or rock, including tunnels, embankments, levees, earth dams, channels, reservoirs, and hazardous waste and sanitary landfills.

Expert Geotechnical Engineering Services in New York State

With years of experience and a talented team of engineers, C.T. Male Associates has provided quality geotechnical engineering to clients throughout New York State in areas such as Albany, Latham, Syracuse, Red Hook, Poughkeepsie, Johnstown, Glens Falls and more. The geotechnical services we provide include:

  • Subsurface exploration
  • Laboratory testing
  • Foundation designs
  • Ground improvement techniques
  • Retaining walls & excavation support
  • Pavements
  • Groundwater control
  • Dam safety
  • Embankments
  • Landslide remediation
  • Forensic investigations
  • Earthwork quality control

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