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Stormwater Services

C.T. Male Associates’ Civil Engineering Division consists of dedicated professionals with expertise in a wide variety of engineering and grant writing and administration services.  Providing cost-effective and innovative solutions to our clients’ most pressing infrastructure problems has been the focus for over 100 years. C.T. Male Associates Civil Engineering Division can provide a wide range of stormwater engineering services.

stormwater flowing through a storm drain

Stormwater Services

Whether you are looking for full-service attention or someone to handle just one portion of your stormwater project, C.T. Male Associates is here to help.  Below is a sampling of the stormwater services our knowledgeable engineering team can provide.

  • Stormwater System Investigation – Investigations include a watershed inventory, hydrologic and hydraulic computer modeling of the contributing watershed and concept development to address problem areas identified. Concept development includes cost estimating for evaluation of options identified.
  • Stormwater Design including updates and renovations
    • Construction observation services
  • Stormwater Management Plans – Plan includes formal boundary and topographic survey of the entire site, hydrologic and hydraulic computer modeling, system design, and cost estimating.
  • Storm Sewer Replacement
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) in accordance with the NY State SPDES General Permit for Construction Activities. The following items are included in each SWPPP:
    • Stormwater management plan including stormwater management practice design, calculations, site plans, detailing and report preparation.stormwater overflowing and flooding a street
    • Development of a site grading plan.
    • Development of drainage area maps.
    • Development of construction phasing plans.
    • Storm sewer sizing.
    • Preparation of an erosion and sediment control plan.
    • Preparation of an SWPPP including all necessary permit information, phasing sequences, specifications and certification
  • SWPPP Inspections for our clients in conformance with the SPDES permit and the prepared SWPPPs.
  • River/Stream Bank Restoration Design

If you are looking to partner with stormwater experts, fill out our contact form below or call 518-786-7400 to discuss your needs and get a project quote.


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