Dam Safety Regulations in New York State

Effective August 19, 2009, all dams within the State of New York must meet the requirements of Part 673 of 6 NYCRR.  As stated within these regulations, the owner of a dam must operate and maintain the dam and all appurtenant works in a safe condition at all times.  In accordance with the requirements of Part 673, it is required that a series of actions be undertaken by each dam owner to promote safety of the dam.  These actions include:Dam in New York utilizing Dam Safety Services by C.T. Male Associates

  • The preparation of Inspection, Operations and Maintenance Plans
  • An Emergency Action Plan
  • Performance of regular Safety Inspections
  • And preparation of an Engineering Assessment every 10 years.

Dam Safety Services at C.T. Male Associates

The team of geotechnical engineers at C.T. Male Associates, working in conjunction with water resource engineers, have provided dam safety services to numerous municipalities and private owners since implementation of the DEC regulations. Our experienced engineers perform visual Safety Inspections of dams and areas downstream of the same to

  • assess the overall condition of the dam
  • Dam utilizing C.T. Male Associates Dam Safety Services note any deficiencies or potential deficiencies which may lead to failure of the dam
  • and to determine the potential downstream impacts resulting from failure.

Additionally, our staff of geotechnical engineers direct subsurface investigation programs, including test borings, cone penetration testing, underwater inspection, & CCTV work, to assist in the assessment of the dam’s condition.  Once this work is complete, the information is used to model and assess the stability of earthen embankments and concrete gravity sections under the varied loading conditions stipulated by DEC. 

The water resource engineers on our staff develop hydrologic models of the dam’s watershed to determine impact to reservoir levels under design storm events.  The team then prepares hydraulic models to assess the adequacy of the dam’s spillway and outlet works to pass the design storm event without experiencing over-topping of the embankments.  After completion of each of these tasks, an Engineering Assessment of the dam is prepared by our staff to assess the overall condition of the structure and will include recommendations for upgrading the structure to bring it into compliance with DEC regulations, where appropriate. 

Dam Inspection, Operation & Maintenance Plans

Dam Safety Services from geotechnical engineers and civil engineers at C.T Male AssociatesIn addition to Safety Inspections and Engineering Assessments, our staff have prepared or assisted dam owners in the preparation of Inspection, Operation and Maintenance Plans, which outline the procedures to be followed for regular operation and inspection of the structure.  Included within these plans is:

  • General information pertaining to the dam,
  • Procedures for proper maintenance of earthen embankments and/or concrete surfaces,
  • Rates at which the reservoir can be safely drawn down without adversely impacting downstream structures,
  • And requisite forms that must be filed with DEC on an annual or event related basis.

Dam Reconstruction & Rehabiliation

On numerous occasions, engineers from our staff have provided professional engineering services to dam owners in need of reconstruction or rehabilitation of existing dams. These services have included the preparation of Engineer’s Reports, Contract Drawings and Specifications, and assisting the applicant with the permitting process. Once field work has been initiated, engineers and technicians from our staff provide quality control construction observation services, including in-place nuclear density testing for any earthwork required.

Dam Safety Services from geotechnical engineers and civil engineers at C.T Male Associates

Partner with the Dam Safety Experts

With offices located throughout New York State in Latham, Glens Falls, Highland, Red Hook, Syracuse, Johnstown, as well as in Mechanicsburg PA, C.T. Male Associates has an experienced team of civil and geotechnical engineers available to meet your specific dam safety project needs and provide you with high quality dam safety services.

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