Air Permitting Services/Clean Air Act

Air Permitting is a facility-specific process completed based on actual and proposed operations at a site.  Applicable regulations are identified based on the existing and proposed facility emissions/potential emissions and the specific type of industrial activity (to identify regulations which pertain to operations identified by USEPA and/or State agencies).

C.T. Male Associates Environmental Services staff has routinely completed Clean Air Act Compliance Assistance Services/Air Permitting Services for industrial and commercial facilities dating back more than 30 years.  Our extensive background in Clean Air Act compliance and permitting has allowed us to work on projects for smaller facilities requiring Facility Registrations as well as large, multi-phase leading-edge technological facilities that required several permits including State Facility and/or Title V Facility Permits.

Air Permit Support & Reporting

C.T. Male Associates’ staff is familiar with the complicated nuances of air permitting, including complex situations where multiple regulatory requirements are applicable and/or which may originate from multiple agencies on the local, State and Federal levels. We have successfully guided clients through air permitting projects which included public opposition and with difficult regulatory requirements such as New Source Review.

Our typical air permit application package includes a detailed Engineer’s Report which clearly articulates to the regulators the types of existing and planned operations, the associated applicable regulations, and calculated emissions.  The report will also detail any enforceable permit conditions which are being sought by the facility in order to “cap out” of certain regulatory programs.

After submission of the permit application package, C.T. Male Associates’ Environmental Engineering Services staff will remain in contact with the regulating agencies throughout the permitting process and assist clients with reviewing and commenting on draft permits issued by the permitting agencies.

Clean Air Compliance Services

C.T. Male has also assisted our clients with additional Clean Air Act compliance services, including:

  • Completion of semi-annual/annual compliance reporting
  • Completion of annual emissions statements
  • Preparation of monthly and annual recordkeeping forms

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C.T. Male Associates’ staff has completed numerous projects in New York State. Additionally, our air permit experts have completed Clean Air Act compliance/permitting work in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.  We have also completed Clean Air Act reviews for regulatory requirements in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Ohio. Connect with one of our air permitting/clean air compliance experts by filling out the contact form below, or by calling 518-786-7400.


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